Start Sleeping In

by Black Bears Fire

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Debut album by Black Bears Fire


released December 23, 2013



all rights reserved


Black Bears Fire Ashland, Oregon

The worms in your heart hate the taste of your blood when you start sleeping in and stop growing up

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Track Name: Start Sleeping In
somebody help I forgot how to make a mistake I'm feeling afraid of feeling this safe when you see things coming from a mile away and you're the halfway point it's hard to want to stay for their sake and the worms in your heart hate the taste of your blood when you start sleeping in and stop growing up and the ants make their home in the heart of your brain stealing little bits of information grain by grain until you miss being empty and start throwing up someone told me it only gets easier to make things harder on yourself harder to ask someone for help with something that used to come easily to you when you were someone else and the blazing hot sun turns mushy and brown cooks the footprints right off the sidewalk on our side of town the wind starts carrying the smell of the fight something doesn't taste right but tonight your choking it down and we buried our time capsule deep in the sky but nobody asked why so we're building houses under the ground and the sugar here smells like bones a million miles from home where everything is sweet enough all on its own and I'm filling up the spaces in between with things that I've already seen showing off what I've been shown and I'm emptying the traps of things I didn't want to catch but just wanted to see if I could and I'm making a promise to stop being honest I think it'll do me some good
Track Name: Rainbow Of Chemicals
a rainbow of chemicals above my house when I woke up the clouds were suffocating us debating raining after such a boring night of hanging around our small contaminated town everyone's impatient to defend and when there's no room left in hell the dead will walk the earth and we'll all hide behind the counters selling things we'll go to hell for in the end do you remember all the times we couldn't talk about the times we couldn't laugh about the times we couldn't walk back to my house? I guess that's all there was to do when every day was something new we could have sworn we'd done before we did so the first new place we found said this is it and all our friends loved all our friends a little too much so it ended in a bloody battle to the death we ate who we were jealous of locked away the ones who just reminded us way too much of ourselves and everyone who saw it all was buried in the place we call the place you never try to call for help but always wish that you were somewhere else now our feet are married to the ground our heads are divorced from the clouds our hearts and stomachs somewhere in between and so our brains can take control fixing problems filling holes someone we can love something to eat but our eyes just can't forget what they have seen and our dogs and cats will die before we do so why we keep on buying more of them I still don't understand I guess it's nice to have a friend who's always happy to the end when food and love is all that they demand all I know is I'm a vegetarian
Track Name: Half Life
walking through hazardous waste on the road I can taste that they failed to return from falling for every trap set in front of us we watched them fall for and then some but we swear that we can do better then the ones who led the way to where we'll watch the next ones make the same mistakes they watched us make in front on them go back in time in time to stop the plan falling asleep in the street full of rattle snakes looking out for ones who've been afraid surrendering to the trees to take the weight off of my knees I have been carrying since the Halloween parade skeletons all too familiar back for seconds never ever full someone else just for a day painted up until faces wash away they'll swear it was impossible crossing the desert that's wet from the blood of the ones who went and dried up all the rain knowing damn well that just crying a river that turns into clouds just ain't the same so beat that dead horse with that stick a little more should do the trick you're tired of being tired of being sick of their demands but don't that gun in your hands make you feel like a real man and not an animal with your head in the sand a half life in the broken promise land
Track Name: Cold Shotgun Blues
you think that you are nothing but you know that you are something when you're on your knees it gives you all the power that you need to drink the sour sweat of all of these businessmen and honest men who need a break from congressmen on their TVs so they trade their pay check for your disease the sound of you coming under two hundred pounds of apathy makes me love you more then when you did the same for me it makes your stomach bubble but it keeps you out of trouble to put on a smile pretty purple bruises running up your arms abusing that devil's flower swapping your blood for a couple timeless hours it's the lesser of two evils in a way you pay the price to pay the man to get you through the day don't get caught in the trap of running from the things you built to chase you down giving head to undead friends leaves you feeling hollow like the bottom of the bottles were stealing and dropping on the ground find what your looking for find out what's looking for you Acetaminophen something you taught me to do I'm dead in the desert my face turning cold shotgun blue find out who found you and find out what they came to do to you
Track Name: 3 Is Half Of 8
alone in the hospital waiting for the call the anesthetic' tropical flavor the color of the wall and I deserve a better lie nurturing and dominating making me stick to the plastic sheets shaking until I'm salivating your hunger's giving me the creeps and I deserve another try you always dreamed of sleeping on the celling but you never wanted it to crumble down in to your bed you taught yourself to chase away that feeling but the memory is still in debt to the voice inside your head and I deserve a better lie at a loss of what to say since I lost you in a different way some days your'e all I want to see but I can't look at you today and my brain waves are burning up my weary eyes I can't cry they keep cooking until my tears are dry and I know you would have wanted me to say that I deserve a better lie
Track Name: Dog Burger
I've been spending half of my time feeling half alive the the half curled up and died like the dog under the house under the sun that kept us dry after I tried to teach my brother how to fly she was rich she was high she made blood run from my eyes I was cold I was fried I was told not to cry she felt old she had lied turned to gold learned to try learned to show she didn't have to try to learn to say goodbye watered down growing up hallowed ground swollen shut your around not enough your surrounded by us waking life throwing up taking time asking what making sound blowing up growing old what the fuck? I've been spending half of my life wasting half of my time waiting for the other half of mine it was fine it passed me by I learned how to learn to try not to take too much time learning how to to stay alive he was rich he was dead put a bullet in his head I was told he was wise he was sold for his eyes I woke up I despised everybody in disguise I gave in I complied I gave up and I survived watered down growing up hallowed ground swollen shut your around not enough your surrounded by us waking life throwing up taking time asking what making sound getting stuck growing old what the fuck?
Track Name: Someone's Asleep
It's strange meeting someone that doesn't know they're asleep and strange it's the type of person I always meet and I can't sleep at night so I daydream my way through the light until someone wakes me up its great being someone who doesn't know they're alive and what a painful surprise to realize we all die but try to live like we never will I'm a dead bug in your windowsill but you picked me up its hard being something to someone you know hard to decide when to stop being everything and I would rather be nothing to no one oh the fear keeps me running back to you so keep me afraid I'll keep coming around
Track Name: Split In 2
in the rain in the street in the town where I meet all the alternate versions of all of my childhood friends throwing up pretending they're grown ups scheduling their fuck ups and new ways to make amends who to depend on depends on who's willing to see if the means justify the end I'm hellbent on finding the humor in everyone pretending not to pretend and the worms split in two underneath our feet like in the playground we learned to survive now our bones have grown weak from living on concrete well do anything we can to forget were alive I still can't find the time machine that I hid from myself when I was five I knew I would use it for evil when I grew to be who I already was inside so I shaved off a couple of years from my life in exchange for some years that all felt twice as long to me I seem to remember a plan in the future erasing my memory but I don't remember if I followed through because somebody told me that I never do and when I told you to tell me that I think it's true I ran out of time to forget not to think it through oh and our lives split in two when we fall asleep both of our bodies still lying in bed we can say all the things we could never say to one another inside our own heads but sometimes your dreams all leak into mine and I'm awake until you make me forget we live in our own worlds together and somehow we still haven't actually met and I think that we will but it just hasn't happened yet